Yes Yello Cello on the “Scariest Birth Film Ever”

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From Yes Yello Cello:

John Lithgow is probably a really nice guy. He’s certainly talented, and he was pretty funny in Third Rock from the Sun. But John Lithgow has also played a lot of scary, creepy villains (Raising Cain, anyone?) and, for this reason, should never have been allowed to narrate a childbirth video.

See what I mean? [click here]

“This PBS video is seven minutes long. But you only have to watch the first two minutes to hear Lithgow’s sinister pronunciation of the word “baby.” Watch for the footage of the woman in her prenatal yoga class and listen for the menacing sound effects under this horror-flick narration:

“Late in pregnancy, the baby’s need for fat becomes so great the mother can’t keep up. If it stays inside, the baby will begin to starve. Somehow… it’s got to get out.”

“Lithgow goes on to warn about how impractically designed are humans for childbirth and how very many women used to die in the pre-surgical era. Birth may be considered one of the most powerful experiences, but, Lithgow reminds us, it’s also “the most painful.” (Is that a note of sadistic glee I detect in your voice, John? Why are you going all Vincent Price on us?)”

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