A Few Comments About “Comments”

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This blog has generated a fair amount of e-mail, but not too many on-site comments. Yesterday a Feminist Law Prof explained that this might be due to technical difficulties, hence this post. Commenting at this blog requires that you do the following:

1. First you must register as a “user” (see “register” link at bottom of blogroll on right).
2. Once you have successfully “registered,” using the name and password you registered with, you need to “login,” (see “login” link at bottom of blogroll at right).
3. Now click on the title of any post you want to submit a comment about.
4. Type your comment in the box at the bottom of the post, then click “submit comment.”

If you try this and are still unable to post a comment, please send an e-mail explaining what went wrong in as much detail as possible to feministlawprof@yahoo.com

Comments are very welcome, but nasty, obnoxious or spammy ones will assuredly be edited or deleted. Here is a cautionary tale about comments. Early in March, The Disgruntled Chemist attended a “Campus Republicans” meeting and posted about it. Here’s what happened afterwards in The Disgruntled Chemist’s own words:

“I got linked by LittleGreenWhateverTheFuck, Jihad Watch, Protein Wisdom and a couple of pro-Muslim sites simultaneously the other day. Consequently, people in the comments section wish to inform me that I’m a Jew-hating Jew lover who hates the Prophet Mohammed and wants to put the US under Sharia law. Oh, and I hate the Baby Jesus, apple pie, baseball and your mom.”

Probably best if this community saves that sort of vitriol for faculty meetings, where it belongs, right? Seriously though, if there is a technical problem precluding comments, hopefully it can be solved if y’all clearly explain what it is going wrong.

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2 Responses to A Few Comments About “Comments”

  1. browneyedgirl65 says:

    Oh dear, just jumped through all the hoops.
    First, if you go to this article directly via a permanent link, there’s nothing on the right to begin with, let alone a “register” thing.
    Second, when you do go to the main page, the bloody thing is all the way at the bottom.
    Third, you have to register wait for email, respond back, and change the nonsense password to something that will be remembered.
    I don’t know if you can change things to make it easier or if this site/software you’re using constricts you, but perhaps if you want some kind of accountability (via the email for example) perhaps you could use typekey.
    Or you could switch to an open comment (anyone can comment) forum that’s mailed in, so you can choose which ones get published. Or have them published, but weed out. I dunno. There’s many models, but this one does seem to discourage commenting in the first place…!


  2. Yes that sounds like a drag; the problem with “open comments” is twofold: trolls and spam. I’ll look into Typekey. Thanks for the help!

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