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Started less than two months ago, sometime today this blog will hit the “20,000 pageloads” mark. About half of those pageloads were generated by me, editing and checking up on things (I exaggerate, but less than you might think), but still, not too shabby! The very first post went up Janury 20th of this year and I didn’t know if anybody at all would be interested in something like this, so I’m very pleased by the response so far.

I wanted to thank my co-bloggers, especially Bridget Crawford, Stephanie Farrior and Marina Angel, for their contributions, and remind everyone to e-mail things you’d like to see posted to: feministlawprof@yahoo.com

This blog does not and will not run commercial advertisements. Its main purpose is to facilitate communication within the feminist law prof community. Let me know about any suggestions you have for improving it.

I spotted this paragragh in a post by Maia about Internet communication spaces at Alas, A Blog:

“Our society is sexist and misogynist. What this means is that if we create a supposedly free space for communication it’ll replicate the sexist and misogynist patterns found in mainstream society, unless we take conscious action to change those sexist and misogynist patterns. The same is true for all other power structures in our society, they will all be replicated in the free space.”

I think Maia is correct about that, and wanted to thank everyone who reads and/or links to this blog for their support for this effort to provide a useful and comfortable web space for feminist law professors.

with warmest regards,
Ann Bartow

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