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Iraq Three Years Later
with Noah Feldman, Victor Davis Hanson, Joe Klein, Kenneth M. Pollack, and Andrew Sullivan

Miller Theatre at Columbia University

“The United States invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003. Tonight, Miller Theatre marks the third anniversary by bringing together a panel of influential experts to talk about the war and issues relating to American involvement, from the justification for war to the current state of the war, and the domestic and international political implications of U.S. actions. Join us for an up-to-the-minute evaluation of the situation in Iraq by Noah Feldman, professor of law, New York University, and author of Divided By God: America’s Church-State Problem:and What We Should Do About It and What We Owe Iraq: War and the Ethics of Nation Building; Victor Davis Hanson, columnist for the National Review Online and author of A War Like No Other: How the Athenians and Spartans Fought the Peloponnesian War; Joe Klein, senior writer for TIME Magazine and author of Primary Colors; former National Security Council member Kenneth M. Pollack, Director of Research, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, and author of The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq; and Andrew Sullivan, essayist for TIME magazine, columnist for the Sunday Times of London, and senior editor at The New Republic.”

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