Piigpen has Become Her Mother

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And you’ll enjoy her post about why this is a good thing:

“For as long as I can remember, my mother has been a gregarious customer. She can tell you where the fast food drive-through cashier gets her hair done, how many kids the grocery clerk has, and how many times the waitress at her favorite restaurant has left her husband.

“Over the last few years I have felt myself becoming more and more like her in this respect. A couple of nights ago when Lunadyke and I found ourselves surrounded by a number of the waitstaff at one of our regular restaurants, I knew that I have indeed become my mother. They all stood around us laughing and joking. And mind you, none of them was our server for the evening. They feel so comfortable with us now that they make jokes about us “not swinging the waiter’s way.” They mix us special blends of iced tea, and they regularly “forget” to add an entree or salad to our check. Some of them even sit at the table with us to chat. My mom was no fool – it’s a good thing to get to know your waitresses and waiters and to treat them well. It fosters good will and respect. And as an added benefit, you know no one will ever spit in your food.”

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