Pink Taxis

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From a site called “The Cool Hunter


“If your a woman, the very thought of getting a sleazy cab driver is scarier than reliving Charles and Camilla’s wedding on DVD. Well girls, cast your fears aside, the Pink Ladies have arrived. When we say Pink Ladies, we are not talking Rizo, Frenchy and Sandy, we are referring to an all female cab company. The Pink Ladies own the company, drive the cabs and will only pick up female passengers. Hailing one down wont quite work, female users must first register with the companies customer database. Once in the cab, there is no need for cash, as registered users are billed after use. Great for those nights when your last bit of cash was used for a Cosmopolitan. Launching in May in the U.K, the concept is the brainchild of two moms who wanted female passengers to feel safer. Through a phone call and a text message, your female driven cab arrives to your pick up point to find you confidently awaiting it’s arrival.”

“With 10% of proceeds going towards Breast Cancer Research, The Pink Ladies are set to spread U.K wide.”


The idea has a certain appeal, but the grammar of the advert is a little scary, and the bawdy final clause of that last sentence contrasts rather disconcertingly with the “we’ll keep you unsullied by boy germs” ethos of the concept.

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