Marquette is hosting the “First Annual Colloquium on Current Scholarship in Labor and Employment Law” on Friday, October 27, 2006!

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Feminist Law Prof Scott Moss is one of the organizers. The Colloquium offers an opportunity for labor and employment law scholars from around the country to present their works in progress or recent scholarship, to get feedback from their colleagues, and to have a chance to meet and interact with those who are also teaching and researching in the labor and employment law area. Although all participants are encouraged to present their scholarship, one need not present in order to attend. Works with a feminism component are very welcome. Visit the Colloquium Main Page to learn more.

NB: Register on-line by July 31, 2006. To register as a presenter, please also email or mail a title and abstract to Prof. Paul Secunda. Full papers will be due by October 1, 2006. The online registration form is here.

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