Orthogonal Barbie Post: “The Tribe”

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“The Tribe: Barbie’s 5000 Year History”

Per this site:

It’s the unorthodox, unauthorized history of the Barbie doll! Here’s the synopsis: What can the most successful doll on the planet tell us about what it means to be Jewish? The Tribe uses the pop culture icon, the Barbie doll, to unravel a 5000 year history of the Jewish people struggling with its identity. The electric 20-minute film threads together archival images, animation, Barbie dioramas, and slam poetry, sending viewers on an visual rollercoaster ride that mixes humor, history, irony and cultural context. Linking the past to the present, The Tribe speaks to young American Jews disconnected from traditional Jewish establishments, and conveys a new sense of understanding and pride in the richness and complexity of the Jewish people and its multiple identities. There comes a time when every new generation must struggle with some very old questions: who am I, where do I come from, and where am I going? The Tribe triggers this discussion.

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