S.Z. Reviews a Review of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex and Feminism”

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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex and Feminism” was written by Carrie Lukas, who works for the Independent Women’s Forum. She says she wrote the book in part to keep feminists from deliberately misleading women about their fertility. Nope, not making that up:

The thing that surprised me most:what really motivated me to write the book in fact:was when I began reading about fertility issues and the feminists’ efforts to keep women from knowing the facts. In 2001, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) launched an advertising campaign intended to make women aware of factors that affect their fertility:including age. Kim Gandy and NOW were outraged. They thought it was too upsetting for women to be reminded of these facts in the public square. How is that for treating women like adults?

The feminist movement is supposed to be all about so-called”reproductive rights,”but what about women who really want to have children? Women tend to overestimate how long their fertility lasts and discount the potential for problems. I have friends who thought they were doing the responsible thing by putting off having children while focusing on their careers. Now they’re having trouble getting pregnant and they’re angry that they put it off. They feel like the feminist movement, and feminist-dominated popular culture, deliberately misled them.

The Lukas book was recently reviewed by pundit Doug Giles, who runs the “Aventura Clash Christian Church.” Here is a little background on Giles:

Giles…[has a] new book, “The Bull Dog Attitude: Get It or Get Left Behind” : a treatise on muscular Christianity. In Giles’s view, the church has grown soft and lazy. And its traditions have become increasingly effeminate. As a result, men have fled the pews, America has lost its moral bearings, and secular forces are “hacking away at our religious roots like Paul Bunyan on crystal meth.” Giles aims to fix the problem by injecting testosterone back into the church. And his message is as brash and politically incorrect as it is macho.

He regularly bashes Muslims, undocumented immigrants, feminists, metrosexuals, and liberals of all stripes. And this approach has earned him a modest measure of fame. Each month, he says, more than 300,000 people tune to his Internet show, Clash Radio, where guests have included conservative luminaries like Ann Coulter, Oliver North, and Katherine Harris.

The Giles review of the Lukas book was unpacked quite cleverly by S.Z. at World O’Crap. Here is an excerpt:

…the piece is Doug’s review of the latest volume in the Regnery series”The Moron’s Guide to Politically Incorrect Drivel for Idiots.”This installment is by Carrie Lukas, a V.P. at the Independent Barefoot ‘n Pregnant Women’s Forum, and it’s called The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex and Feminism. Doug loves it, of course, because he believes it wants to make him sandwiches, bear his children, and admire his manly prowess with the blow dryer.

It’s a very funny take down of two virulent anti-feminists. Read the whole post here.

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