“A gathering storm of gayness is going to sweep over the land and make birds fly into windows.”

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I don’t discuss or link to right wing blogs or websites much because it seems rather pointless, but I do appreciate some of the feminist deconstruction that others engage in, and I particularly liked this post at Reclusive Leftist. Here’s a short excerpt:

Like most homophobic rants, this one sounds like a bad case of repressed desire. I’d say Adams is in dire need of some genital worship, and given his obsession with homosexuality I doubt that Mrs. Adams is the kind of worshipper he has in mind. His whole diatribe is based on the assumption that gay sex is so appealing, people are going to start queering up and going down on each other in droves unless legal action is taken to stop them. You just want to send the guy a leather-bound edition of Allen Ginsberg’s poems and some hand lotion, you know?

–Ann Bartow

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