Cat Blogging One’s Way To Tenure and Promotion?

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I’m not a regular Instapundit reader, but I’ve been to that site enough to have a general sense of the typical posts, and I found this one rather flabbergasting:

SOME THOUGHTS ON ACADEMIC BLOGGING from me and from some other academic bloggers, in the Chronicle of Higher Education. I’m sorry to see some people say that their Deans don’t appreciate blogging — my Dean has been very encouraging, and in fact says that he thinks it counts as scholarship, which surely makes me — on a word-count basis, at least — one of the most productive scholars around. . . .

Below are some of his recent posts, supercopied and pasted here IN THEIR ENTIRETY:

1. JEREMY LOTT is defending Patrick Hynes.

2. CURSE and effect.

3. VIOLENT MOB wants peace.

4. SURELY THE END TIMES ARE UPON US: Ana Marie Cox is now’s Washington Editor.

5. ILYA SOMIN notes a major victory for property rights in Ohio.

I wonder how many of these it takes for law review article equivalence.

NB: One thing that often troubles me about “leftist” Glenn Reynolds bashing is the way the University of Tennessee School of Law sometimes gets dissed along for the ride. As lawprof readers know, it actually has a terrific faculty, which is comprised mainly of folks who are excellent academics and very nice people as well.

Also, people who disparage Reynolds as a “cracker” or “hillbilly” show their own bigotry and ignorance, and doods, it’s not like he doesn’t give you plenty of substantive material to work with.

–Ann Bartow

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