New Blog Tackles Sex Discrimination in the Academy

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The blog is Absinthe, and it has the tag line: “A blog for pissed off female scientists and academics. Because 1000 years of affirmative action for white males is more than enough.”

The blog author writes:

I choose to blog mostly because I am a female academic currently suing the sorry asses of my former employers after they broke a whole host of anti-discrimination and equal wage laws after I chose to have a baby while under their employment. Three years have passed and the lawsuit still slowly crawls its way through the courts. I’ve noticed that precious little first hand information is available on the web from people who have sued their former employers (probably because they are too exhausted once it is all over to do anything else other than nurse their nervous breakdown).

Thus, as a public service to all other female academics out there, I will be writing a series of posts on what it is like to go through the lawsuit process, tips for finding a lawyer, tips about the dirty tactics the other side uses, etc, etc, etc. Stay tuned. We’ll have fun together on that topic. I promise.

She is particularly interested in having lawyers and law profs contribute links and general information about employment discrimination law to her blog, to make it as useful a resource as possible. She is also very open to having any errors or misstatements about the law she might make pointed out, so that she can correct them.

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