Visiting, Gender, and Prestigious Law Schools

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Brian Leiter compiled a list of folks visiting at “the six top law schools” next year and posted it here.

Looks like out of ten visitors at Yale Law School, one of the most liberal law schools in the US according to the NYT, a whopping one is female. At the University of Chicago, one out of nine listed visitors is female. Stanford appears to have hired two visitors, both male. UPDATE: A Leiter update now lists five vistors for Stanford, two of whom are female.

Leiter names two female visitors for Columbia, out of a total of ten visitors listed. NYU seems to have hired seventeen vistors for next year; only two of them are female.

By comparison, Harvard hired 30 visitors, 10 of whom are female. On an unrelated note, or maybe not, I believe Harvard is the only law school listed that has a female dean. UPDATE: A Leiter update now lists 33 visitors for Harvard, 12 of who are female.

–Ann Bartow

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  1. RCinProv says:

    No coments on this, huh?!

    Well, I guess it’s not a surprise to the readship of this blog. And nobody would want to try to defend this. But as a somewhat outsider to the law school academic world, I find this really surprising.

    My own department, I hasten to add, does not have a good record in this regard either, but it has gotten markedly better in recent years.

    Shame on Yale, Chicago, Columbia, NYU….

  2. Ann Bartow says:

    The only surprise about any of this, to anyone in legal academia who is paying attention, is that Harvard hired so many female visitors! Have to take the good news where you find it…

  3. AnneAlstott says:

    You might note that Yale Law School made 4 permanent hires to the academic faculty this past year, three of whom are tenured women, and one of whom is an untenured man. We had a number of female visitors in 05-06. In addition, we extended visiting offers to women, some of whom rejected the offers and some of whom accepted for the following academic year (07-08). (The rejected offers and the list of next year’s visitors are not public.) A rolling account rather than a one-year snapshot is probably the most accurate measure.

    I was chair of the appointments committee this past year.

  4. Ann Bartow says:

    Your YLS permanent hire news is certainly good to hear. The focus of this post is obviously on ’06-’07 visitors, but a companion post on tenured and tenure track faculty composition might be interesting as well.

  5. Ann Bartow says:

    Okay, I spent a few minutes at the Yale Law School online faculty roster here:, and though I am sure I don’t have the numbers exactly correct, because it is really hard to tell a person’s status from the Yale webpages, it looks like your four new hires moved the number of women on the full time tenured or tenure track YLS faculty from 8 to 12. Am I in the ballpark? That would mean that next fall 12 out of about 55 full time tenured and tenure track law profs at Yale would be female, is that pretty close?

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