CFP by the ICFAI Centre for Business Research: Book Chapters

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1. ” Women : Balancing Home and Profession”
The main contents of this book would focus on areas such as physical health and nutrition, Stress management at home and at work place, handling family responsibilities and personal relationships, Financial status, Professional develoment and growth, Efiiciency at home and work, Child care and parenting, Work place safety and health. If I have missed any important aspects which are relevant to the theme, the writers are free to include them in their articles. The writers need to choose one or two aspects mentioned above for writing articles.

2. “Women’s Health and Urban Life”
This book will address wide range of areas that directly or indirectly affect both the physical and mental health of women living in urban or semi-urban areas of the world.The contents of the book will focus on women’s health in general which includes, social and other factors affecting women’s health, environmental factors, ageing and women’s health, poverty and women’s health, trauma of rape on wome’s health.

The second sub- theme of the book will discuss women’s health related to home based factors such as domestic violence, child abuse, housework safety and mothering related issues.

The third sub-theme would be on health related to work-based factors such as working in shifts, job safety and security, sexual harrassment and health implications.

The final sub-theme is on global issues in women’s health such as impact of war and terrorism on wome’s health. The writers need to choose one sub-theme mentioned above.

The length of the articles should be between 3,000 to 10,000 words with a brief abstract at the beginning of the article.

Sukhvinder Kaur Multani
Research Scholar
PHD Political Science
University of Hyderabad
Hyderabad-46 India

Please submit by September 15th!

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