CFP: Digital Feminisms: Gender and New Technologies

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From the CFP:

The complexity of new technologies has altered the way we think about time, space and ourselves in the digital age. Whether it is business, media, entertainment, advocacy, art, education, social action, politics, paid and unpaid work, or a myriad of other sites of contention, the ability of new technology to converge with and transform past, present and future ways of interacting with the world in which we live has immense and wide-ranging implications. Given this context, we are seeking contributions to a special issue of Atlantis focused on Gender and New Technologies. We invite submissions that contribute to an inquiry on how new technologies have informed gender’s self expression and histories; affected gender, race and culture; influenced the representation of gender; and changed the way in which gender issues are viewed or pursued. In pursuit of a diverse and wide-ranging debate, the issue seeks contributions from a broad range of areas, including Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, New Media, Cultural, Film and Communications Studies, History, Visual Arts, Computer Science and any other area relevant to the discussion. Given the complexities of new technologies, we wish to encourage submissions that think across geographical divides, histories and media, including (but not limited to) the Internet, digital arts, locative media, WiFi, aesthetic and narrative analysis, film, video, television, educational software/delivery, medical technologies, and visual and digital art.

Interdisciplinary approaches combining target areas are also welcomed. Possible topics for this issue include, but are not limited to:

*New technologies, gender and self *Gender and digital art *New technologies, gender and race *Gender and convergent technologies *New technologies, gender and media *Gender and the digital body *New technologies, gender and history *Gender and digital networking *New technologies, gender and environmentalism *Gender and discourses in computer science *New technologies, gender and social action *Gender and digital identities *Gender and issues of access to new technologies

All contributions should be accessible to an audience from many different backgrounds interested in participating in the creation and sharing of feminist knowledge. Atlantis articles are peer reviewed. They contribute to a publication that strives to meet the most significant academic and feminist expectations of our colleagues. Articles submitted for consideration must be no longer than 6000 words (including notes, references, appendices, etc.) and must be typed double-spaced. Please send submissions, in sextuplicate, addressed to Cecily Barrie at the Atlantis address below.

Information regarding the contributors’ guidelines may be found at the web site, or by contacting the Atlantis office.

GUEST EDITORS: Sheila Petty and Barbara Crow

Institute for the Study of Women / Mount Saint Vincent University
Halifax NS Canada B3M 2J6 / tel: 902-457-6319 fax: 902-443-1352

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