Clinton “Gay”, Gore “A Total Fag” — Ann Coulter

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At some point, Ann Coulter will lose the ability to appall us; perhaps she’s already there, but given that mainstream (even liberal) journalists still give her the time of day as if she’s a serious analyst, I think her outrages bear further mention.   I have only as few words to add to Andrew Sullivan’s pithy commentary (and the YouTube link to Coulter’s disgraceful have-no-shame performance):

Ann Coulter calls Al Gore “a total fag” on MSNBC. What do you think the impact would be if she called a public figure a “nigger” or a “kike”? So why the double standard?

Coulter then said this “fag” comment was a “joke,” but somehow I don’t think similar slurs against other groups would be acceptable even as jokes.

She was quite insistent that she’s not kidding, however, in saying that Bill Clinton is gay.

Coulter always was wacky and offensive, but her recent 9/11 comments, and these homosexuality slurs, take it to an entirely different level.

Whether Ann Coulter still infects your TV over the next few months should answer this question:   Is there no level of psychosis and bigotry that disqualifies you from being a cable news talking head?

– Scott Moss

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0 Responses to Clinton “Gay”, Gore “A Total Fag” — Ann Coulter

  1. MS says:

    Ann Coulter is pathetic and a total bore. Long ago I stopped being outraged by her and have just started treating her the way you do when someone belches loudly in a public place: politely look away and pretend you didn’t hear anything.

  2. Ann Bartow says:

    For the most part I agree with you, but sometimes it is probably good to remind the world (or whatever fraction reads this blog!) that decent people are aware of her appalling political positions, and we don’t understand why certain news organizations go out of their way to give her a platform, and the legitimacy that comes with it.