Ernesto Arrives in South Carolina

Cripes has it been raining. Huge puddles everywhere. After seven years of losing the USC parking “lottery” badly, the good news is, I finally won a coveted spot in a faculty/staff parking lot. The bad news is, my new lot is even farther away from the law school than my old lot, the all-purpose (student dominated) parking lot, “Z Lot,” (Z as in “ziss is the place you have to park, junior faculty scum”), where I had been previously assigned. My new parking decal qualifies me for entry into “E Lot” (E as in Eeeeeeeeegads, it’s a long walk to the law school from here) so was I ever drenched when I finally made it into the office this morning. Maybe I need to invest in a giant pink pair of Crocs?crocs_cayman_PNK.jpg
–Ann Bartow

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0 Responses to Ernesto Arrives in South Carolina

  1. Patrick Seamus says:

    We should get you out this way…to that other ‘SC': University of Southern California (Law School). I’m not sure about the parking, but I doubt you’d get wet in even our heaviest downpours (provided you have an umbrella of course). And a pink pair a Crocs wouldn’t turn a head….

  2. kommishonerjenny says:

    Watch out, though. Crocs are very slippery when wet.

  3. Ann Bartow says:

    And they are a little odd looking even when dry! Thanks. :>)