“Gibson’s alleged sexist comments go practically unnoticed”

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When Mel Gibson was arrested recently on suspicion of DUI, he reportedly went on an anti-Semitic tirade. At the Mother Jones blog, Diane E. Dees writes:

…Gibson is alleged to have cursed and carried on … for some time. What isn’t being discussed is that he is also allleged to have called one of the female officers a “bitch,” and called another one “sugar tits.”

There are some people who are defending Gibson because he was intoxicated when he ranted about Jews. This defense in itself is rather frightening, but nonetheless common in our culture. What is more disturbing, though, is that none of the pundits, crisis managers, media experts, or other analysts seems to be the least bit disturbed about Gibson’s alleged sexist remarks.

It is well known that Gibson is anti-feminist, and there was a time–at least in the United States–when calling women, especially women in authority, inappropriate names would have gotten someone into a bit of trouble. Now, though, it seems that if Gibson can somehow make it right with the Jewish community, he will home free, regardless of how he may have treated female officers of the law.

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