Katherine Harris Is Female, Lest We Forget

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I don’t have anything nice to say about Katherine Harris, and I would be very happy to see her lose every election she ever enters by a friggin’ landslide. What I don’t understand, however, is why an ostensibly liberal blogger would stoop to comparing her campaign to leaky breast implants, referring to her as LaToya Jackson, framing her lack of popularity with other Republicans as a dating issue by making reference to the book “He’s Just Not That Into You,” and topping it off with this graphic:


Katherine Harris has a history of dishonesty and incompetence, and little support from her own party. She offers a plethora of mockable material unrelated to her gender, and the crass sexism is unnecessary, and offensive. Hey, Supposedly Liberal Dude, are we on the same side or not? Because this kind of crap really makes me wonder sometimes.

–Ann Bartow

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  1. It’s funny that Condi and Karen Hughes are present among the spectators. If this is about sex, and it clearly is, what is the author suggesting about Condi and Karen?

  2. bitchkittie says:

    I remember a liberal blogger (I think on DU) made a cartoon of Ann Coulter that was her, nude, wearing a Nazi hat and a jacket. I objected that you didn’t have to debase her by literally stripping her nude (ironically making her “sexy”) in order to make fun of her. It was a notch below the belt.

    It was kind of like seeing a neighborhood kid go after YOUR bully (female) by deciding to strip off all her clothes. You kind of get creeped out the way he “protects” you. He eventually covered her nipples, but didn’t really agree with my general point.

  3. Ann Bartow says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty standard for Supposedly Liberal Dudes to leverage the gender of women they disagree with, unfortunately.

    For example: I don’t care if people disagree with blogging law prof Ann Althouse on the merits. I’d even give them a pass on calling her a wanker; though the history of that appellation alludes to the male reproductive anatomy, its modern invocations have admittedly been largely gender neutral.

    Derogating her by referring to her “Annie” is kind of borderline; I admit I may be too close to that one to judge it effectively. But calling her a “bint” is unvarnished sexism, and it stinks.