Robin Morgan Channels the Framers in Her New Book “Fighting Words”

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From Robin Morgan’s website:

In Fighting Words, Robin Morgan has assembled a toolkit for arguing, a verbal karate guide: a lively, accessible, eye-opening collection revealing what the framers (and other leading Americans) really believed:in their own words. She resurrects the Founders as the revolutionaries they were:”A hodgepodge of freethinkers, Deists, agnostics, Christians, atheists, Freemasons:and radicals.”

Two blurby reviews:

“Fighting Words is the indispensible Little Red (and White and Blue) Book for reclaiming our country, a “Quotations from Chairman Jefferson”–plus Washington, Madison, Franklin, and many more. Funny, eye-opening, accessible, smart, and best of all really useful for combating the “Christianizing of America.”:LILY TOMLIN and JANE WAGNER

“Here are the real words of our founders, free of the prison of rightwing distortion–and we’ve never needed them more!”:GLORIA STEINEM

Here is an essay Morgan published in Ms. on the same topic a couple of years ago.

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