The NYT on “The New Gender Divide”

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Seriously, that is how they are framing a series of articles – check out the left column here, where it says: “Articles in this series are examining what has happened to men and women several decades after the women’s movement began.” So far each of the three series articles makes it seem like some cohorts of men are being victimized by Mysterious Evil Forces Outside Their Control. Now I realize I was supposed to be reading “it’s feminism’s fault that some men are such losers” between the lines. Today’s breathtaking installment reports: “[M]any American men without college degrees find themselves still single as they approach middle age.” I guess the subtext is that the women’s movement made it so that uppity women could support themselves and didn’t have to marry guys like these to stay out of poverty.

–Ann Bartow

Update: See also Echidne of the Snakes.

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