CFP – “Women: Balancing Home and Profession”

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CALL FOR PAPERS: The ICFAI Centre for Business Research (ICBR), a constituent of ICFAI Business School, affiliated to ICFAI University, India (Bangalore) is bringing out a book titled, “Women: Balancing Home and Profession.” The sub-themes of the proposed book are as follows:

1. Managing stress at home and at work.
2. Handling family and personal relationships.
3. Managing work, childcare and parenting.
4. Women’s financial status/independence.
5. Neglecting health.
6. Neglecting Personal space.
7. Workplace safety.
8. Decision making at home and at work.
9. Gender inequities at work place, extended work hours and irregular and unpredictable schedules.
10. The cult of domesticity.
11. How differences in race and class shape women’s work and family lives.
12. How does the formal work place accomodates women’s realities of home making, child bearing and eldercare.

CBR invites analytical and well researched papers between 3,000 to 10,000 words focusing on any one or two sub themes mentioned above by 25th of september 2006. An expert committee will review the article and authors will be required to revise their papers for final submission to ICBR on 1st October 2006. The article will be published in the proposed book which will be published by ICFAI University Press. Since our centre is a non-profit organization, a small honorarium will be paid by the centre and a copy of the published book will be sent to the contributors.

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Sukhvinder Kaur Multani
Consulting Editor
ICFAI Centre for Business Research
Bangalore, India
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