Menorrhagia and Anonymity

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Over at Bitch, Ph.D. there is a discussion about menorrhagia. This is an issue many women deal with, but aren’t always comfortable talking about, so the referenced post and comments thread do a nice job illustrating the positive attributes of the blogosphere, in terms of providing a place to raise personal issues in a non-personally identifiable way.

However: While it is entirely understandable that women prefer to post comments about their bodies and medical experiences anonymously, and entirely plausible that commenters are posting specific product recommendations strictly to be helpful, a healthy dose of cynicism is also warranted. A comments thread like the one here also offers great stealth marketing opportunities to the makers of various menorrhagia-targeted goods and services. So, if you are interested in the topic, proceed to this post, but do so with caution.

–Ann Bartow

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