“This Film Is Not Yet Rated”

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Those of us who teach copyright law tend to have strong feelings about the MPAA already.     “This Film Is Not Yet Rated” reminds us of some of the MPAA’s other culture-jamming activities.   If censorship issues interest you, at least watch the trailer, but not at work if you are not allowed to use the eff word on the job. The movie’s producer also has a blog. Here is how the movie is described at the site page about the MPAA:

Filmmaker Kirby Dick launches an investigation into the MPAA ratings board. In his documentary, “This Film Is Not Yet Rated,” Dick demands that the MPAA take responsibility regarding their treatment of independent films compared to major studio releases, the disparity between violence and sex in films, and their bias against gay-themed movies. His search for answers includes interviews with filmmakers, critics, lawyers, and authors – not to mention a private investigator’s quest to discover the top-secret identities of the members of the ratings board.

Here is where it is playing. No theaters in SC listed, unfortunately, but sooner or later I will be able to rent it, hopefully. Via Liz Losh at Sivacracy.

–Ann Bartow

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