What’s A Girl To Do?

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I guess this is going to seem minor in the larger scheme of things, but I found it irritating enough to warrant a short comment. The title of a post at The Patry Copyright Blog is:

“Transfer? Dismiss? Appeal? What’s a Girl to Do?”

So I wondered, who is this “girl”? No enlightenment from the content of the post, which discusses Subsalve USA Corp. v. Watson Mfg., Inc.. Funny thing about the case is, every single person involved in litigating it appears to be male, and all three of the First Circuit Court of Appeals judges who decided it are male as well, as was the District Court Judge whose Order was being appealed.

It’s fairly trivial as offenses go, but it is unncessary as well, as there are any number of alternative ways to make the point, and I have to wonder why Patry chose this one.

–Ann Bartow

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