Life of a Doctor Who Performed Abortions “Pre-Roe”

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Aspazia at Mad Melancholic Feminista has a post up about a research project she undertook about the life of William Jennings Bryan Henrie, a Pre-Roe abortion-performing doctor from Grove, Oklahoma. You can read about the series on the interviews she did in Grove, OK here.

She has also created a related website, which notes:

William Jennings Bryan Henrie, a WWI veteran and country doctor, was a beloved and well-respected pillar of Grove, Oklahoma. A spiritual man, Dr. Henrie cared deeply about the health of his patients and the social health of his community. But one summer day in 1962, shortly after a lovely party in the town park at which over 500 friends, patients, and neighbors gathered to see him off, Dr. Henrie was imprisoned as an abortionist.

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