CFP: Special Technology Issue of “Feminist Teacher”

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From the CFP:

Seeking Papers that
… address any topic related to technology
… take an explicitly feminist perspective
… discuss implications for teaching practices

Using a broad definition of technology, we are interested in papers that address feminist concerns in relation to teaching about technology, the uses of technology for teaching, technology policies of schools or other sites of teaching, the intrusion of technology into educational settings, and related topics. Suggested topics include technology assessment from a feminist perspective, communications technology and access to women, representations of women in media and technology, teaching feminist ethics in high tech contexts, including reproductive technologies in biology or health classes, issues raised by genetic testing, using technology in teaching your subject matter, technology in social studies classes, how language of technology positions women, teaching about technology with feminist science fiction, how girls appropriate technology, sexuality and technology, gender issues in high tech gaming, the proliferation of pornography on the web, and many others.

If you have an idea for a paper you’d like to chat about or if you have a paper you would like to submit, please contact

Issue Editor: Suzanne Damarin
Phone: 614-292-7845
Fax: 614-292-7900
Ohio State University

DEADLINES: One Page Abstract – December 4
Full Manuscript – April 2, 2007

Feminist Teacher is a Quarterly Journal published by the University of Illinois Press. Learn more here.

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0 Responses to CFP: Special Technology Issue of “Feminist Teacher”

  1. strawberrylaundry says:

    not related to this post, but please could someone review the MD decision that says once a women says yes and intercourse has begun she cannot then say NO!!!!

  2. Ann Bartow says:

    Do you mean State v. Rusk, 424 A.2d 720 (1981)? Or has there been a more recent case along the same lines? For a broader discussion of the consent issue, this might be of interest:

  3. kitkat says:

    Make sure you get in touch with Krista from Stumptuous!

    And make sure you get in touch with Andrea Rubenstein from Shrub!

    Both are techies. Andrea’s a gamer with a golden pen and Krista’s an official academic.