Feminists Can Too Be Funny

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U.K. feminist blogger Witchy-woo wrote about a woman in England who was unable to obtain the “morning after” pill because her pharmacist declined to provide it, asserting that”it was against his religious beliefs.”Witchy-woo’s post is at her blog: Well I’ll go to the foot of my stairs. Nothing funny so far, of course. The amusing part is the account of this Dr. Violet Socks gives at Reclusive Leftist:

They gave us Mad Cow Disease; now we’re giving them Mad Pharmacist Disease.

Witchy limns this shocking news item from South Yorkshire:

In short: on advice from her GP, woman goes to local chemist for morning after pill (EC). Pharmacist declines to supply said medication because”it was against his religious beliefs”and refers woman back to her GP, so wasting valuable time (evidence BB).

Holy fuck. As Witchy says, that’s…that’s…positively American.

How is this disease spread? Are the bones and nerve tissue of American pharmacists being ground up and sold as food supplements to pharmacists in the UK?

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