Halloween Costumes For Girls

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Of course no one has to buy them if they don’t want to, and the option of making a Halloween costume is always available, but for parents or kids who do want to purchase commercially manufactured costumes, the ones produced explicitly for girls are very feminine and overtly sexual. Here are a few offerings from “Party America“:

“Miss Behaved”


“Major Flirt”


“Sweetheart Bat”


“I Love Pink Charmed Witch”


“Go Go Dancer”


“Witchy La Bouf”

Here is the description for “Witchy La Bouf”: “Which Witch are You? The prettiest one of all! Complete costume includes hat, lace-up adjustable bustier, tutu, bloomers and shoe ribbons to lace up your slippers! Off you go in Prima Ballerina style!”

And as if the costumes aren’t sexualized enough, consider the amount of make-up worn by the children modeling them, and the incredibly adult and provocative poses they are striking. Socialization for “Slut-o-ween” begins at a very young age.

–Ann Bartow

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  1. naseem says:

    these pictures are frightening — and not in traditional halloween way. they’re also among the reasons i’m uncomfortable with the prospect of raising daughters in the society we live in.

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