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“‘Science’ kits that teach stereotypes” at Adventures in Ethics and Science.

“Worth a listen: Kenji Yoshino”Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights”” at

“Reflections On BigLaw” at The Happy Feminist.

“Katherine Arnoldi: Fighting For Teen Moms” at Feministing.

“A Jolly Trapise Through The Whorehouse of Antiquity” at I Blame the Patriarchy.

“Valuing Families: State Legislative Models Brought to you by Progressive States and MomsRising” and “Immigrant Poor Send More Foreign Aid than US Govt” both at

“Fear Thy Neighbor” at Doing Justice.

“Flesh, Cloth and Rape” at Feminish.

“Pestilence Amid Prosperity” at Jurisdynamics.

“Note to NeoCons: Stop Pimping Feminist Arguments” at Mad, Melancholic Feminista.

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