More About The Dearth of Women’s Voices in Magazines

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As a follow up to this post, I followed a link at the Dees Diversion that reported on the male to female writer ratios at “liberal” magazines (those are generalization quotation marks – not “scare quotes” – in acknowledgement of the fact that not everyone would consider the listed magazines “liberal.”). So, via, this data:

(male-to-female contributing writers/editors):

The American Prospect: 21:12
The Atlantic: 27:6
Harper’s: 30:2 (masthead not online)
In These Times: 6:6
Mother Jones: 10:5
The New Yorker: 44:18
The Nation: 26:4
The New Republic: 12:2
Salon: 14:7
Slate: 20:6
Washington Monthly: 30:5

NB: I received an e-mail recently that indicated that certain law professors use data like this to undermine efforts to hire more female faculty members at their home institutions. Apparently the argument is something along the lines of: “Law schools are no worse for women than other sectors of society so why should we make any special efforts?”

–Ann Bartow

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