Call for Proposals: Feminism, Activism and the Academy

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The Women’s Studies Committee at The College of Saint Rose invites you to join Activist/Scholar/Publisher Barbara Smith and Authors/Activists Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards for the First Annual Saint Rose Women’s Studies Regional Conference on Saturday, March 24, 2007.

This year, we invite scholarly papers, practical workshops and dialogues by and between feminist and womanist activists, writers and scholars on themes related to Feminism, Activism and the Academy.

All papers and presentations should present frameworks for understanding a variety of issues – theoretical, organizational and strategic – that are facing women in the struggle toward social justice in our diverse communities and our increasingly connected global world.

We are especially interested in models and strategies of feminist organizing both in and out of the academy and in joint efforts between feminist activists, feminist scholars and oppressed urban communities. Contributions which address the problems of and potential for collaboration between scholars, activists and neighbors in effecting positive social transformation are encouraged

Individual Presentations should be no more than 20 minutes in length (about 10 double spaced pages).

Panel Discussion:   Proposals for panels should include an abstract of the panel and how papers go together. Panel participant names, affiliations and paper titles should also be submitted.

Workshops:   Proposals for workshops should include a complete description of the workshop, presenter’s credentials and the sort of space needed.

Student Paper Awards:   There will be two student paper awards:one for the best undergraduate paper and one for the best graduate student paper.   To be considered for one of these awards, students should (1) indicate on the registration form that they are either a graduate or undergraduate student, and (2) submit their completed paper by February 1, 2007, to Dr. Angela D. Ledford, Women’s Studies Coordinator at

Registration:   Total registration cost (which includes pastries, coffee, tea and lunch) is $30.00 (payable by check to the WST Program at the College of Saint Rose c/o Dr. Angela D. Ledford, WST Coordinator, The College of Saint Rose, 432 Western Avenue, Albany, NY   12203.   Fee can be reduced or waived based on need.
 Proposals of no more than 300 words should be submitted to Dr. Angela D. Ledford, Women’s Studies Coordinator, at

Or Dr. Angela D. Ledford, Women’s Studies Coordinator, The College of Saint Rose, 432 Western Avenue, Albany, NY   12203.

Proposals postmarked by January 7th are insured full consideration

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