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The power to walk away:

I almost got sucked into a really unnecessary online discussion about some topic that’s close to my heart. Does everyone here know what trolls are? Trolls are people who seem to be engaged with you in a discussion seriously, but in reality are just trying to derail the conversation. They are to be avoided. The only outcome of engaging in a discussion with a troll is rising blood pressure and major frustration. Oh, plus lots of time lost. So stay away from them. …

The Weepy Little Professor:

This semester, I noticed a group of students who basically sit in the back and laugh the whole time. Turns out (perhaps sadly), this is nothing new. But for some reason, it’s bothering me a lot. It feels like they’re lauging at me.

As a result, I’m finding myself growing more and more self conscious, and I’m losing my lecturing mojo. I’m constantly checking my fly, touching my nose, the whole nine. It’s stupid, but it’s bothering me.

The thing that’s so weird about it is the way they laugh. They look at me, but turn their heads, and put their hand up in front of their faces to whisper something to the others. Then they all giggle. While staring at me. With their hands over their mouths. Imagine a 7th grade lunchroom, and you’ve got the idea.

The thing is, they’re not really disrupting the class, just themselves and me. I once made a joke directed toward the entire class to the effect that the lecturing stage was not, in fact, a television, and that I could actually see them chatting. The class laughed. For once, the little group did not. …

But they also didn’t stop. …

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