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Photo available for purchase here. Caption from site is as follows:

Coloured X-ray of a woman’s foot in a high-heel shoe. The construction of the shoe is clearly seen; so is the way that the foot is forced to rest mainly on its toes. Bones and soft tissues of the lower leg and foot are visible. The lower leg bones are the tibia and fibula. The foot comprises many bones, including the calcaneus (heel bone), several tarsal bones, five metatarsals, culminating in the phalanges bones of the toes.

Via this comment at I Blame the Patriarchy where Twisty Faster has written a “sermon” about high heels that, if you enjoy wearing heels, will probably not be much to your liking. The illustration reminds me of the pictures of tar-filled lungs (see one here) that are supposed to warn people away from cigarette smoking, but of course it’s a lot more colorful.

–Ann Bartow

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