“Pronto” Condoms

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According to this article:

Researchers at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction found that men who reported erection loss in association with condom use also reported more unprotected intercourse with women and were less likely to use condoms consistently compared with men without condom-associated erection loss.

Nearly 40 percent of their study participants : male patients at an STD clinic : reported condom-associated erection loss at least once in the previous three months.

“Condom use is one of the most important behaviors that can reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections,”said Cynthia Graham, a research tutor on the Oxford Doctoral Course in Clinical Psychology and an associate research fellow at the Kinsey Institute.

“This study has highlighted a difficulty : loss of erection while using condoms : that may make men more reluctant to use condoms. The findings have important implications for education and counseling efforts.”…

… Other key findings include:
* Nearly three in 10 men (28.1 percent) reported that they had lost their erection while putting on a condom. This occurred once during the last three times they used a condom.
* 13.4 percent reported they lost their erection once while using a condom during intercourse; 9.4 percent reported that this happened twice, and 3.6 percent reported that it happened all three times.
* 17.3 percent reported losing an erection both while applying the condom and during sex.
* Condoms were removed prematurely on at least one of the past three occasions by 40.8 percent of the men reporting erection loss, compared with 21.3 percent of men not reporting this problem.
* Erection loss was more likely among men who reported at least one condom breakage (47.1 percent) compared with men not reporting breakage (32.5 percent).

The citation for this article is”Erection loss in association with condom use among young men attending a public STI clinic: potential correlates and implications for risk behaviour,”Sexual Health, 2006; 3(4).

An inventor in South Africa developed “Pronto Condoms” to make condoms easier to use. The associated (commercial) site is here, and a demonstration is viewable here.

Via Change Is Good.

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