30 Years Is Enough

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Looking for worthy causes to help during this holiday season? Right up there with the best is your local abortion fund. These funds provide money for low-income women to obtain abortions. In the first few years after Roe v. Wade, Medicaid paid for over 1/3 of the abortions in this country. Then, in 1976, Congress passed the first Hyde Amendment, which severely restricted federal funding of abortions. Now, almost none are paid for with federal funds, so poor women must choose between the basic necessities of life and required medical care — precisely the choice Medicaid was established to prevent people from making.

The National Network of Abortion Funds has a 30 Years is Enough campaign. Repealing the Hyde Amendment is probably not very politically feasible right now, but you can help by donating to your local abortion fund, findable here.

– David S. Cohen

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