Huck Finn

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Go to playwright Nancy McClernan’s blog and read about her new play! Here’s an excerpt from one recent post:

I’ve been reimagining Twain’s Tom/Huck stories since I was a little kid and my friend Laura and I wrote our own version of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, inserting two new characters – a sister for Tom, modeled on Laura and a sister for Huck, modeled on me. Both girl characters hated Becky Thatcher with a passion, since she represented everything Laura and I hated about how a good girl was supposed to behave. It’s interesting that Twain created the good girl character we despised in the same book as Tom Sawyer, whom Twain saw as an antidote to the idealized good boy character that he despised.

Nancy is very funny and smart, and I wish I lived in NYC so I could see this play. More info here.

–Ann Bartow

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