Duke Sexual Assault Allegations Astroturf

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Based on the comments elicited by this post and some conversations with other bloggers, it appears that an orchestrated “opinion shaping” astroturfing campaign is underway on behalf of the defendants in the “Duke Lacrosse Players” sexual assault case. The norms and mores of the Internet give blog commenters the practical ability to do this, but there is nothing that requires this blog to participate. In consequence, with apologies to Kathleen Bergin, no futher anonymous comments will be allowed with respect to this post. I realize that means that people who simply want to offer an opinion will be shut out, and for that I apologize, but I do not have the time or ability to effectively sort astroturf from legitimate “pro-defendant” commentary.

Please note: The defendants’ defense lawyers are doing very zealous and thorough work on behalf of the accused lacrosse players, and that is exactly what they are supposed to do. I need to make it very clear that I have no evidence that they are behind the blog astroturfing campaign that seems to be going on.

–Ann Bartow

P.S. If you are a blogger who wants to experience the astroturf deluge yourself, just post something favorable to the “accuser” and wait a few days. E-mail me if you’d like to compare notes.

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