Shazia Mirza Stops Shaving

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Can’t be a real feminist blog unless body hair gets discussed once in a while, eh? Here is a link to a BBC Woman’s Hour interview with Shazia Mirza, described as follows:

The comedian Shazia Mirza has decided to stop removing her body hair. Tired of waxing, shaving, bleaching, threading, and all the other methods of maintaining a hair free body, Shazia has resolved to down tools and let her body hair be. She discusses her new approach to personal grooming and her bid to make female body hair sexy.

And for visual interest, below is a picture of Julia Roberts’ armpit:julia.jpg
The photo was taken from an accompanying BBC story about body hair generally in which Shazia is mentioned. She is also quoted as saying:

“A woman can definitely be sexy in a pair of Jimmy Choos and a pair of hairy legs, she can be sexy in a Wonderbra and hairy armpits, and she can be very hot in a mini skirt and hairy arms. The public just needs to see that’s ok and it’s possible.”

I’m confused about why someone who is tired of shaving is still enthusiastic about the hotness potential of high heels, Wonderbras and mini skirts, but Mirza chooses to subvert one oppressive fashion dictate at a time I guess.

–Ann Bartow

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  1. lexia says:

    On the flip side, there are the Evergreen State College students with their Doc Martin boots and shaved legs.