South Dakota’s New and Improved Abortion Ban

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In the wake of South Dakota’s near-complete abortion ban being defeated in the polls in November, legislators are back at it with a new improved ban, this time so much more palatable, as is eminently clear from this description from the AP:

PIERRE, S.D. – An abortion ban introduced yesterday in the South Dakota House would allow exceptions for rape and incest, but only if those crimes were reported to authorities with DNA evidence.

A ban passed in South Dakota last year contained an exception only to save the woman’s life. Voters rejected that measure in November.

This year’s bill would allow a rape victim to obtain an abortion if she reported the rape to police within 50 days. Doctors would have to confirm the report with police, and take blood from the aborted fetus so authorities could conduct DNA testing. In the case of incest, a doctor would need the woman’s consent to report the crime, along with the alleged perpetrator’s identity, before an abortion would be allowed.

Gee, how understanding and progressive.
– David S. Cohen

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