Does The Yahoo Avatar Pictured Below Look “Plus Sized” To You?

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The blogger “One Jewish Dyke” writes that not only is this the largest female avatar available at Yahoo, but that if you choose it, your virtual clothing choices are very limited, which she notes is rather odd, because:

In a regular store it’s hard to be acknowledged as a normal size. The Gap curvy jeans that fit me, but I have to order them specially online because apparently women of my size don’t shop in the store. The LL Bean store carries a few items in petite length, but mostly I have to order anything with a 28-inch inseam through the catalog.

But in a store, makes sense. Space is limited and only the most common sizes, the most likely to sell, will get onto the rack. Or at least it make sense would if the stores were following actual logic. The average American woman wears a size 12/14, but it’s hard to find clothing much above these sizes in most stores in the mall. Apparently only average women and smaller are supposed to shop. There are special stores for women who wear a 14 or larger, and if you want any kind of variety, quality, or uniqueness you have to buy your clothing online. On yahoo avatars, it makes no sense. It’s not like company will waste money, like when clothing goes unpurchased if it is made in sizes that women don’t wear or buy. It’s a freaking drawing. If yahoo can provide hundreds of backgrounds, accessories, and outfits, how much more difficult is it to make those various outfits fit people in sizes other than Demi Moore or Drew Barrymore?

Read the whole post here.

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