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make/shift” is a new feminist magazine. Learn more here. NB: They have offered to send me a free “review” copy of the first issue, and I accepted, which I feel compelled to reveal here.

Second: The comment below appeared in response to this post, but because it is basically an advertisement, I felt uncomfortable about allowing it through moderation. Still, because it may be of interest to some readers, here is the text:

Dear Prof. Bartow,

In light of this posting, we thought your readers might interested to learn about a similar”contest”involving female law students featured in this week’s Washington Post:

Like the law librarians, these law students, who include ReputationDefender clients, did not give permission for their pictures to be used, and in no way invited this unwanted attention. The women whose pictures were misappropriated were also subjected to explicit and even threatening comments that were anonymously posted on a popular law school discussion forum. Once aware of the”contest,”the women requested that the site remove the pictures, and were ignored and publicly mocked. They then turned to ReputationDefender. The site was shut down after we repeatedly effected the removal of the pictures.

Although there is a sense that nothing can be done about these sorts of”contests”(short of perhaps posting unflattering pictures of the bloggers themselves), ReputationDefender is working to empower private individuals who have been unfairly subjected to this type of anonymous and hateful commentary. In particular, we are working to change the sexually harassing culture of the website that hosted the contest through a petition that asks the discussion forum to establish a clear and easy mechanism for resolution of these sorts of complaints and disputes. For more information about our campaign and petition please see:



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