The South Carolina Senate Is Losing Its Only Female Lawmaker

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Last year the only women holding a state-wide office stepped down. Next year the S.C. Senate may be all male as well. According to this article, this hasn’t happened since 1979. According to the same article:

Nationally, women make up more than 23 percent of all state lawmakers, according to a study by the National Conference of State Legislatures. In South Carolina, however, only 8.8 percent of the 170 state lawmakers are women: [retiring member Linda] Short in the Senate, and 14 women in the House.

The next lowest percentage is Kentucky at 12.3.

Vermont has the highest rate of female representation: 37.2 percent of the state’s 180 lawmakers are women.

Why is my state moving backwards? My law school graduates a lot of smart, hardworking female students who would make terrific legislators. I wish more would run for office.

–Ann Bartow

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