Violence Against Women is a Horrible Reality, Not a Glossy Photo

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Last night’s “America’s Next Top Model” glamorized violence against women.   The model wanna-bes worked a fashion shoot where they were instructed to be “crime victims.”   Models were made up and positioned as crime victims in various crime scenes, including looking overdosed, shot in the head complete with a splat of blood on the wall, decapitated, and drowned.    

Here are some statistics from the National Organization for Women that the producers of Ms. Banks’ show might want to know:

Every day four women die in this country as a result of domestic violence, the euphemism for murders and assaults by husbands and boyfriends. That’s approximately 1,400 women a year, according to the FBI.

The number of women who have been murdered by their intimate partners is greater than the number of soldiers killed in the Vietnam War.

To email the producers of Banks’ show, click here.   Email messages to the CW Network, the one that airs Banks’ show,  at  

– Via Vanessa Merton  

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  2. KitKat says:

    Dear Feminist Law Profs:

    I have a question / story pitch for you: Click here. Do you think this could pertain to women discussing their salaries/wages with men in the same positions at companies where such discussion has been banned? Or do you think it only applies to employees who’re discussing salaries/wages with respect to organzing or participating in a union?

  3. browneyedgirl65 says:

    Tried the Tyra Banks link, but submitting the message gives an error message:

    The requested URL /bin/tyra_contact.cgi was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Cute. I imagine it didn’t like the fact I left many of the fields blank (address, phone number, etc) but you’d expect it to deal one way or another.

  4. Meredith says:

    Oddly, one of the 0Ls at yesterday’s Admitted Students Weekend was on America’s Next Top Model last season. A producer saw her in a mall and convinced her to try out, but she eventually realized it made much more sense to go to law school.

    Which is true: the high prize on ANTM is 100k (before agent fees and taxes), but starting associate salaries in NYC are $165k.

  5. Bridget Crawford says:

    The Tyra Banks link has been fixed now.