Want To Pay $1,200 To Hear A Bunch of Men Pontificate About The Future?

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It’s “The New Yorker Conference/2012: stories from the near future” and with only a small fraction of the speakers (three out of twenty-five!) female, it looks like the near future will be as dude-centric as ever. At her blog Heavens to Mergotroyd, Nancy McClernan observed: I’d love to see this question asked during the course of the conference: do the gentlemen (and few ladies) believe that the future, intellectual discourse, and the New Yorker will continue to be totally dominated by males?

UPDATE: Hmmm. The webpage listing the conference participants was down for a while today, and now it is back up with a notice that the list is partial and the program is still “in formation.” This change has resulted in the truncation of the bio of the final currently listed speaker, who happens to be Tim Wu, a law professor I rather like. Huh. Meanhile, inquiring minds are wondering: Will any women be added to the grotesquely androcentric speaker roster? Stay tuned!

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