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Read this, and then this.

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  1. mgannon says:

    The Santa Clara District Attorney has a website – easy to find. It has D.A. Carr’s “mission statement”. Having read it, I sent the following email to her office:

    Dear Ms. Carr:
    As you well know, there is extensive local and national coverage of your decision not to prosecute a gang rape of a 17 year old girl. It is ridiculous not to prosecute where you have two eye-witnesses anxious to give testimony – how often do you get that handed to you on a plate. I went to your website and found your promise to the County.
    “A message from Dolores Carr, District Attorney:

    “I want the people of Santa Clara County to know that we work for you.”

    It seems that the “you” of your constituency does not include women and girls.

    Nor is it clear what you mean by “every effort”:

    “We in the District Attorney’s Office are making every effort to achieve the lowest crime rate reasonably possible while emphasizing the prosecution of violent crime.”

    Perhaps you do not consider gang rape of minors adequately violent to be included in your efforts.

    And contrary to your promise that

    “We want to make this community a safe place for you and your family.”

    it appears that the families of baseball playing college boys are the constituency that has your full attention.

    If there is any effort to recall you or to defeat you in the next election, I intend to rally women from the entire Bay Area to contribute to that challenge. What good does it do us to have women elected to positions of power who simply continue the old tranditions of the boys club.

    Very truly yours,
    I included my name and state bar number on the message

    And, bty, I am extremely proud of the young women who rescued the victim.