“Larry Flynt: The Right To Be Left Alone”

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Text of this post from this protest site:

…This latest documentary on Flynt has just been released as the “center frame” film at the Full Frame Documentary Festival, sponsored by Duke University, The New York Times and HBO. There were over 2,000 films entered, and apparently the Flynt documentary was the only film that escaped the critical review process in an otherwise scholarly environment. Full Frame gave Larry Flynt special protection where it could be assured that his critics were kept silent in defense of Flynt’s free speech. Full Frame’s motto is “How much reality can you handle?”, but the movie, which is a manipulative and superficial examination of Flynt that uses propaganda tactics, is a very unreal portrayal of Flynt which includes even “very little nudity” and hypocritically did not mention any of the massive amounts of racist, homophobic and misogynist materials he produced.

For decades Hustler, his hate magazine, has been on sale in almost every convenience store in the country. During that time, with each new issue every month he has declared war on women, feminists, people of color, Jews, the disabled, children, and animal rights activists, as well as any other group or individual who disagreed with him. He also constantly targets animals, women in general and ethnic minorities who have not even done anything to provoke his rage. A full generation of males have now been raised on his contempt and he loves it.

Dwayne Tinsley, close personal friend to Flynt, and the creator of the Hustler cartoon “Chester the Molester,” which depicted pre-teen girls of all races being molested, was convicted in 1990 of sexually abusing his daughter. When he was released from prison, after serving his time, Flynt hired him back on at Huster. In February 1996, Hustler publisher Joe Theron was arrested in Britain with 400 videos imported from South Africa, many of them depicting child pornography.

For all this Flynt is being promoted as a free speech hero instead of the greedy, exploitive, racist misogynist he really is. The right to be left alone? The right to be left alone? In his whole life Larry Flynt has never left anyone alone. Flynt has aimed hate speech and harassment against every oppressed groups you can think of. Big man. Big hero. Thanks Duke University, HBO, New York Times and Full Frame Documentary Festival! …

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