Lovely Surprise

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From the Blog o’ Gnosis:

… [T]he task I face today is a daunting one. I was surprised last week to get a post from Cosette at Pandora’s Bazaar, who has tagged my blog for a Thinking Blogger Award. This is basically a”Tag, you’re it!”award that is staying non-ludicrous by focusing on blogs with actual content. When someone tags you as a thinking blogger, you’re supposed to come up with a list of five blogs that make you think, and pass on the favor.

This is harder than it looks. I read:well okay, I skim:a lot of blogs each week. Many I read because they make me smile, some even make me laugh. But making me think is a higher order of persuasion, since it takes more energy and focus on my part. Why think when I can be entertained instead? Well, there are some really important reasons why we have to keep thinking, keep reasoning, and keep acting out. I’m in a bit of a women’s rights mood today, so you’ll see there is a definite gendered slant to my five picks. I wanted to add Joan Walsh and Nora Ephron, but I decided that was cheating since they’re paid to have opinions and that’s kind of different than blogging.

So here, for various reasons, are the five sites that make me think, make me angry, and make me proud:

1. Feministing

2. Wonkette

3. Whirled View

4. Feminist Law Professors

5. Abortion Clinic Days

I’ll list some great feminist blogs here to continue the meme on June 2nd, as part of the the upcoming Carnival of Radical Feminists.

–Ann Bartow

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4 Responses to Lovely Surprise

  1. bob coley jr says:

    Things that make you go “hmmm!” Thinking is the path to the truth but sometimes I lose my way or chose the wrong path. We need others to think also. This is why this is such a good thing, the meeting of the minds so to speak. I know for myself, if I do not have other’s thoughts to ground me, my thunk is nothing but a lot of bunk! LOL!

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