Oh, Crud.

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Diane is ending the Dees Diversion, and though I completely support her decision, I’m taking it pretty hard. She is smart, ardently and brilliantly feminist, and doesn’t take issue based disagreement personally. In other words, she is far too rare! But, I know all too well what she means when she writes:

I am tired, not so much of the hoardes of ignorant conservatives in the blogosphere, but of the hoardes of so-called liberals who do not support women’s rights, LGBT rights and the liberation of non-humans, and the liberals who are not interested in looking at facts and making rational arguments.

She will continue to write for the MoJo Blog and started a new blog about women’s tennis, I’m happy to report. Best wishes, Diane, and thanks for all the great blogging and sisterhood. Y’all stay in touch, hear?

–Ann Bartow

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