The First Carnival of Radical Feminists…

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…is up, at Women’s Space/The Margins. “Radical Feminism” gets defined different ways, at different times, by different people.   If I had to come up with something short and snappy, I guess I’d say, “radical feminists are the ones who don’t care what the boys think.” The radical feminist blogs are among the perilously few places on the Internet where you will see women doing not only doing the posting, but the majority of the commenting as well.   You might not agree with everything you read, but I think you’ll find the linked posts a lot more interesting and challenging than yet another round of “Republicans are so stooooopid.”   And I’d almost guarantee that   not a single radical feminist will disparage someone she disagrees with by calling them girly or gay, for a nice refreshing break from the Supposedly Liberal blogs. Happy reading!

–Ann Bartow

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